in Boise's shoes
(a Shakespearean sonnet)

 WISH I COULD STAND IN his shoes, today,
 and pay the price for how I would proceed.
TO WIT: Refuse the role you're s'ppose to play
when facing the Supreme Court. When I'd plead . . .

. . . I'd turn my back to them, not say a word.
  	Decline to be a party to this sham.
 There are no legal questions to be heard
   from thugs in robes 
		who've threatened Uncle Sam.

 To fill my time I'd build a small bonfire  --
  a shredded Constitution burns quite fast.
And if I hear 'Contempt!,' 'twill be a liar  --
The Court dismissed its pow'r just two days past.

I'd break my silence for this one-line case:
'Recuse yourselves, or rule your own disgrace.'