BOOK: Disciplined Minds:
	A Critical Look At Salaried Professionals
	and the soul-battering system that
	shapes their lives: by Jeff Schmidt:
	PAGE 44:  The New York Times is written
	for a readership of professionals, who
	need ideological direction and reassurance
	of the system's strength.

Times of fear
(a Shakespearean sonnet)

THE NEW YORK TIMES knew that it'd come to this:
	the delegitimation of 'it all.'
   'Authority' -- yes, the whole synthesis.
The priv'lege of the priv'leged  -- all would fall. . .

. . . if Al Gore did not quickly fold his tent:
 The weakness of the powerful would slip
 into the light of day -- the curtain rent.
   We'd all see a flyswatter, no bullwhip.

I did not understand the hasty call
for Gore's concession when it first appeared.
Conversion quite as quick as Saul to Paul:
  but in reverse  -- their sight to blind, 							       not cleared.

Oh, clear enough to act in selfishness:
Protecting priv'lege. . . 
		That's what one might guess.