the invisible hand
(a Shakespearean sonnet)
When the Supreme Court bullies -- 'sleight-of-hand'  --
	the Florida high court, we should take note.
  They don't want to be clear in their demand: 
	They hide their hard fist in a fuzzy coat.

They don't want	all the world to know 'the law'
is not the steel-trap reason some believe,
but legalese wrapped 'round a monkey's paw.
They want to wield their power, but deceive . . .

    . . . the media and thereby all of us,
at least enough to let them get their way.
And scare the lower court without much fuss.
And thereby let George Dubya win the day.

But The Supreme Court should not play that game:
Rule in the clear, and take the praise or blame.