liberal justice at all?
(a Shakespearean sonnet)

EXPLAIN TO ME why Florida's high court
 	deserves the label 'liberal,' dear sirs.
Is 'giving time to count' some kind of tort
 that only would be done by lib'ral curs?

Good Lib'rals would have ruled that 'butterflies'
  were clearly nonconforming to the law.
	With them, those screwy counts were no surprise.
For that warped board, a re-vote was the saw.

Now comes N. Sanders Sauls, a scandaled judge
 	demoted by his high court recently.
Republican-appointed, and won't budge
 beyond his bias; not too dense to see . . .

. . . how to pay back those 'Lib'rals' who screwed him.
By screwing law and justice . . .  by his whim.