on the occasion of American Candidate EPISODE 4


{ACS.127_01} "ARTICULATE and SMOOTH" Keith won again
{ACS.127_02} "Most Presidential" third time in a row.
{ACS.127_03} (What were the ratings for the other men
{ACS.127_04} and women. Once again, we do not know.)

{ACS.127_05} Keith's prize G.O.P. strategist Rich Bond {ACS.127_06} highlights Keith's "excellence." Our land's "diverse" {ACS.127_07} and we need folks like Keith. Bald head not blonde {ACS.127_08} "Smooth" and "articulate," he can traverse ...

{ACS.127_09} ... a public conversation with no slip {ACS.127_10} beyond the normal educated view. {ACS.127_11} Whatever questions raised, won't lose his grip {ACS.127_12} on "reas'nable." The room concurs: "me, too."

{ACS.127_13} Says Woman-On-The-Street: "Well, yeah," of course {ACS.127_14} you're diff'rent colored, but the same old horse.

{ACS.128_01} KEITH SAYS its time for leaders who "don't look {ACS.128_02} like everybody else," which means not white. {ACS.128_03} But everthing he says goes by the book {ACS.128_04} the simularly educated write.

{ACS.128_05} HE SAYS what "educated people" think {ACS.128_06} is what they ought to say when on the spot. {ACS.128_07} Unwinding sentences that do not kink {ACS.128_08} when they slip in your head. Not one mal mot.

{ACS.128_09} SO, IS THAT what "most presidential" meant {ACS.128_10} to 61 percent in their last play, {ACS.128_11} and 48 (or) 49 percent {ACS.128_12} in Keene, New Hampshire; Allentown, P.A.?

{ACS.128_13} He's hung around the White House. No surprise {ACS.128_14} he's "smooth" as all the other West Wing guys.

{ACS.129_01} IN CONTRAST, as Keith says, there's Joyce and Mack {ACS.129_02} who "say a little bit more than they should." {ACS.129_03} When they get on a roll, they sometimes stack {ACS.129_04} their phrases in "the other" neighborhood:

{ACS.129_05} A place where the "right educated" leap {ACS.129_06} to quick conclusions: you are "not their kind." {ACS.129_07} Just one wrong pile. The price is pretty steep. {ACS.129_08} The house of all your cards has been red-lined.

{ACS.129_09} Just one misstep and you have been dismissed. {ACS.129_10} AND NOTHING that you say can change your state {ACS.129_11} from negative to positive. You've missed {ACS.129_12} your opportunity. And so your fate ...

{ACS.129_13} ... is living with the way they have you pegged. {ACS.129_14} You can't unsay it even if you begged.

{ACS.130_01} REPUBLICANS, of course, don't seem to care {ACS.130_02} as much as Democrats about a gaff. {ACS.130_03} If Dubya screws up badly, they just dare {ACS.130_04} "unpatriotic" "liberals" to laugh.

{ACS.130_05} Their lingo's tribal loyalty, not sense. {ACS.130_06} Like Hitler, pandering to pride and fear. {ACS.130_07} Key strategist Karl Rove's intelligence {ACS.130_08} is simlar to Hitlers. Both sincere ...

{ACS.130_09} ... in their belief that their ideas must win {ACS.130_10} "by any means" required. Bullshit and lies {ACS.130_11} as necessary. masters of the spin {ACS.130_12} that fits the minds of many, so they rise.

{ACS.130_13} Could Boykin's lib'ral ,"Well-yeah" speech defeat {ACS.130_14} the bullshit that Republicans repeat?

{ACS.131_01} NEXT WEEK they'll do what should have been done first. {ACS.131_02} Use dial-groups (thumbslides) to let voters voice {ACS.131_03} agreement/disagreement, blessed or cursed. {ACS.131_04} Display clear measurements of ev'ry choice ...

{ACS.131_05} of phrase and tone by ev'ry candidate. {ACS.131_06} They should have used this method to choose who {ACS.131_07} was cast -- before they held the first debate. {ACS.131_08} Before the other things they ran them through.

{ACS.131_09} What did vote totals measure in week one? {ACS.131_10} Where did most votes come from weeks two and three? {ACS.131_11} What things exactly had front-runners done? {ACS.131_12} SO VERY LITTLE OF THE GAME WE SEE.

{ACS.131_13} IMAGINE IF all candidates had passed {ACS.131_14} this test of competence before they're cast.

{ACS.132_01} Keith Boykin may be King of this odd bunch {ACS.132_02} of characters selected by their type {ACS.132_03} within a matrix baseed upon a hunch {ACS.132_04} of RJ Cutler laying down a stripe ...

{ACS.132_05} ... to mark a road that he knew how to drive. {ACS.132_06} But his map could not reach the place described {ACS.132_07} in the Am-Can brochure. No one alive {ACS.132_08} could pull that promise off. Though I've prescribed ...

{ACS.132_09} ... one main idea that should have paved the way. {ACS.132_10} Across the nation, people should have ruled {ACS.132_11} the casting process. But they had no say. {ACS.132_12} The Cutler bullshit has nobody fooled.

{ACS.132_13} The cast was cast to fit what they could plan. {ACS.132_14} That's "just a show." IT'S NOT THE REAL AM-CAN.

{ACS.133_01} THE BUNNIES OF THE REVOLUTION dream {ACS.133_02} of possibilities that might yet come {ACS.133_03} if they pulled off some perfect Bunny scheme. {ACS.133_04} Though fast asleep the smallest beats a drum ...

{ACS.133_05} It echoes off the mountain up to God {ACS.133_06} who wakes up from a dream where Bunnies found {ACS.133_07} "the answer" to "the problem." With one nod {ACS.133_08} the Necessary Angel bends the sound ...

{ACS.133_09} ... of Little Bunny drumming to transmit {ACS.133_10} a special coded message down to BOKE {ACS.133_11} who at this moment's trying hard to fit {ACS.133_12} one more iambic line and one more joke ...

{ACS.133_13} ... in one more set of sonnets for today. {ACS.133_14} BOKE smiles at what he's heard. Alright. Let's play! # # #

# # # HAIKU CODA The right dial-group size is roughly equivalent to the whole nation.