How Wicked Bob Vanech SOCIAL-IZED POLITICS (at Meetup)

{ACS.019_01}  FOR REASONS that will soon be clear, it's time
{ACS.019_02}  to look back -- turn to April, day 19 --
{ACS.019_03}  and understand the nature of the crime
{ACS.019_04}  Bob Vanech's kind commits. Let's set the scene:

{ACS.019_05} A TABLE is required. Not public street. {ACS.019_06} A SOCIAL space to bond. Not to debate. {ACS.019_07} A circle where supposedly minds meet -- {ACS.019_08} constrained by social grace. Each candidate ...

{ACS.019_09} ... abiding by unspoken rules beneath {ACS.019_10} the fabric of the context unproclaimed. {ACS.019_11} Agreed to without thought, they lay a wreathe {ACS.019_12} on possibilities as yet unnamed.

{ACS.019_13} Eliminate all conflict with the lie {ACS.019_14} of common int'rest most will not defy.

{ACS.020_01} "IF ANY ONE OF US IS PICKED, LET'S ALL {ACS.020_02} AGREE TO HELP THEM WIN THE GAME, SHALL WE?" {ACS.020_03} says Bob, who has already got his call. {ACS.020_04} THE TABLE ANSWERS "YES!" -- except for me.

{ACS.020_05} The table socialized the game away. {ACS.020_06} Bob's table. That's "the move" he'll always make. {ACS.020_07} And those who don't know better how to play {ACS.020_08} the power game will always buy the fake ...

{ACS.020_09} ... comm'raderie that takes away all moves {ACS.020_10} that are not on the menu of the host -- {ACS.020_11} who only serves what ev'ryone approves. {ACS.020_12} To missing guest democracy they'd toast ...

{ACS.020_13} ... except that no one noticed there's no place {ACS.020_14} set for democracy in social space.

{ACS.021_01} DEMOCRACY's for strangers, not for friends. {ACS.021_02} For it to work, you vote for what is right -- {ACS.021_03} not just because somebody's elbow bends {ACS.021_04} beside yours at the bar on Friday night.

{ACS.021_05} DEMOCRACY's not fam'ly or a gang {ACS.021_06} and not a bus'ness deal you lubricate {ACS.021_07} with social gaming like Bob Vanech brang {ACS.021_08} to Meetup -- undermining all debate.

{ACS.021_09} In Hollywood THE SOCIAL GAME prevails. {ACS.021_10} If you're not AT THE TABLE, you don't play. {ACS.021_11} The reason that so much bad TV sails {ACS.021_12} right through a green light is Bob's BULLSHIT way.

{ACS.021_13} Yes, social gaming got Bob on TV. {ACS.021_14} But that's the wrong game... as I think you'll see.

# # #